The Kingdom Builders Mission is to build God’s Kingdom within the heart of every woman. Our journey to build continues through our personal prayer and planning at home. Kingdom Builders empowers women to listen to the promptings of the Holy Spirit in setting goals in our physical health, family dynamics, holy friendships, strong marriages, and more. These are ALL part of what St. John Paul II referred to as our - Feminine Genius. Your Heavenly Father desires you to claim your inheritance of peace and joy. 

Foundation and Goals

Our Builders are challenged to treat themselves as the crown jewel of God’s Creation by focusing on a strong foundation:

  1. Minimum of 10 minutes of daily prayer
  2. Church on Sunday
  3. Abstain from serious sin & reception of regular reconciliation
Foundation of Kingdom Builders

Our trademarked Measurable Goal Idea Pamphlet is tailored to fit each parish. Each Builder uses this pamphlet to plan and set goals for building herself, others, and the Church.

KB Crown Jewel Strategy

Builders take one hour each week (Sunday if possible) to listen to the movement of the Holy Spirit. He guides us to plan, do, reflect, and adjust each week.  We remember that we are not slaves, we are heirs. We do not overschedule. 

Kingdom Builders Goals